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What if simple surveillance cameras turned into powerful sensors for workplace safety?

Accuracy and Efficiency

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, your visual inspection processes gain reliability and speed.

No installations

Integrate Pix Safety with your current security system to monitor deviations and receive real-time alerts.

Audit and Training

Access consolidated deviation data in an intuitive dashboard for auditing and training.

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Check below some types of situations that Pix Safety is able to detect.

Every industry has hundreds or even thousands of monitoring cameras. But, on their own, they don’t protect anyone.

Did you know that Brazil ranks 4th in the ranking of fatal workplace accidents?¹

Did you know that in the United States alone, workplace accidents generate $167 billion in costs every year?²

Pix Safety is your complete Video Analytics solution for Safety, Environment, and Health (SMS/HSE): use your existing monitoring cameras to inspect and receive real-time alerts about possible deviations/incidents, thus minimizing the risks of accidents.

¹INSS, 2023. ²National Safety Council, 2021.

PPE Detection

Pix Safety allows monitoring and ensuring the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by workers.

Hazardous Areas

Define areas in a few seconds, prohibiting or authorizing the presence of people and objects in restricted areas.

Real-Time Alerts

The system identifies deviations in real-time and triggers alerts to the supervision post, via platform or WhatsApp.

Features under development:

Vehicle Audit

Monitor speeding violations, red light or stop sign violations without the need for specific radars.

Handrail Usage

The use of stairs and ramps poses a daily risk to operators. Identify the non-use of handrails and other risky behaviors.

Eye Wash Station Usage

Monitor the use of the eye wash station equipment to detect and audit possible accidents involving hazardous substances.

Path Tracking

Tracking the path of people within industrial plants can prevent deviations, such as not using the safety lane, for example.

Access Control

Define which PPE your employees should be wearing, and Pix Safety performs automatic analysis, granting or denying access authorization.

Tool Control

Manage the use of tools and equipment from images, monitoring the withdrawal and return of each employee to the appropriate location.

The Pix Force solution has helped us a lot. A simple example of the tool’s impact is that it allowed us to identify a problem in the process and modify it. And that is important: we don’t need to act punitively when it comes to safety. Pix Safety had this effect on our process.

– Hardy Pinto

Technical Safety Consultant at Petrobras

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Pix Safety is a solution designed to bring intelligence to occupational safety processes in industrial environments. Beyond monitoring and auditing safety deviations, Pix Safety significantly contributes to accident prevention and strengthens the safety culture within the company. It is an intelligent system that generates valuable information to support decision-making regarding industrial safety.

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision, Pix Safety processes recorded and real-time images to detect safety deviations, such as correct use of PPE, presence of people in hazardous areas, use of handrails, etc., with the aim of preventing workplace accidents. The platform is integrated with the monitoring system that the client already has, when the technical specifications are compatible. That's why we say Pix Safety is capable of turning simple monitoring cameras into robust security sensors. After configuration and deviation detection, the platform displays consolidated data on an intuitive and intelligent dashboard.

Through technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Pix Force is revolutionizing the market with the purpose of transforming hazardous, time-consuming, and tiring operations into innovative, efficient, and secure processes.

We develop solutions capable of automatically interpreting images and videos to guide decision-making, reduce risks, and increase productivity.

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