Pix Safety

Software for automatic detection of PPE integrated with access control in industrial areas, operating in real-time.

Industrial Safety

Pix Safety is ideal for monitoring and ensuring the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in industrial environments.

Access Control

It controls access to restricted areas, authorizing or denying entry based on the presence of PPE and safe behaviors.

Risk Analysis

The system analyzes and assesses risks, such as improper circulation of heavy equipment, contributing to accident prevention.

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Accuracy and Efficiency

Pix Safety offers superior accuracy to human, accelerating processes, and reducing operational costs.

Ease of Use

With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to set up cameras and monitoring rules, making it accessible for everyone.

Increased Security

It automatically identifies non-compliant behaviors, enhancing security in industrial environments.

Pix Safety is an innovative software that supports Occupational Health and Safety needs with accuracy and speed. Powered by AI and advanced image systems across multiple platforms, Pix Safety ensures access control in restricted areas, PPE detection, vehicle speed verification, path tracking, handrail usage, etc. This no-code system simplifies security monitoring in industrial environments and even allows new cameras and monitoring rules to be configured in just a few clicks.

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Pix Safety is a solution designed to enhance safety in industrial environments. It serves to automate the detection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), control access to restricted areas, and identify non-compliant behaviors. This significantly contributes to accident prevention and overall improvement of workplace safety.

Pix Safety is a versatile solution that uses monitoring cameras to capture data in industrial environments. With the power of artificial intelligence, it processes this data, displaying useful information for analysis and decision-making on a user-friendly platform. It covers everything from access control and real-time monitoring during production to identifying safety deviations, such as the lack of handrail usage and vehicle speed control. In short, Pix Safety ensures safety and efficiency in industrial environments.

Pix Safety operates through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision. It uses cameras to capture real-time images, which are processed by AI. The AI analyzes these images for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), non-compliant behaviors, and to control access in restricted areas. It is an intelligent system that generates valuable information to support decision-making regarding industrial safety.

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