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Monitoring quality in mass production processes through the use of RGB cameras and machine learning algorithms.

Industrial Quality Control

Identifies defects in products during mass production.

Packaging Inspection

Analyzes packaging to ensure integrity and quality.

in Manufacturing

Monitors the production of various products from different niches, ensuring their quality.

Automated Precision

Ensures superior quality with precise defect identification.


Reduces waste and rework, resulting in resource savings.

Competitive Advantage

Improves competitiveness by delivering high-quality products.

Is it the ideal solution for your company?

Pix Quality, an innovative solution from Pix Force, represents a significant advancement in monitoring quality in mass production processes. By using RGB cameras and machine learning algorithms, this tool significantly enhances accuracy and efficiency in identifying defects, color variations, dimensions outside specifications, and other irregularities in production.

Thanks to real-time analysis, Pix Quality surpasses the limitations of human visual capacity, resulting in higher quality products and greater efficiency in the manufacturing process. A notable example of its success involves the automation of biscuit packaging inspection, which reduced errors and significantly improved production efficiency. The versatility of this solution extends to industries that produce cutlery, stainless steel pipes, and other products, playing a crucial role in quality assurance and competitiveness.

Get to know Pix Quality in detail.

Pix Quality plays a fundamental role in analyzing quality in mass production processes. It uses cameras and machine learning algorithms to identify defects, color variations, dimensions outside specifications, and other irregularities in captured images. This ensures that the manufactured products meet quality standards, saving time and resources by replacing manual inspection.

Pix Quality automates quality inspection, making it more efficient and accurate. It identifies flaws in products, reducing losses and ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, it generates detailed reports for analysis and decision-making, contributing to continuous improvements in the production process.

Pix Quality operates using image capture cameras, typically RGB cameras strategically positioned on the production line. These cameras capture images of the products at different stages of the process. Powerful machine learning algorithms then process these images, identifying defects, color variations, dimensions outside specifications, and other issues in the production chain. The analysis is performed in real-time, allowing automatic and adaptive detection of quality standards and defects, with an accuracy that surpasses the capacity of the human eye. This effective approach improves the quality of the production process and reduces costs.

We use Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to create a world where technology does all the heavy lifting.

A new way to generate valuable information so that companies can save time, increase productivity, ensure team safety, and much more.

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