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Computer Vision for the electrical sector: inspection and asset management.

Image Collection

Visual inspections in RGB for detecting visible faults and thermal inspections for identifying hotspots.

Drone Flights

Automated drone flights, planned through the platform and controlled by the Pix Flight app.


Web platform to centralize, organize, and streamline the asset inspection process.

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Transmission Lines
and Right-of-Way

Solar Power Plants

Commercial Losses
and Non-Technical

Pix Grid was developed to increase the efficiency of remote monitoring processes, field inspections, and technical analysis of assets in the Electric Sector.

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The reports are custom-developed for each client and aim to identify points of interest accurately and automatically. The reports are tailored to the needs of each business and may include images of all elements of the inspection or only those where anomalies were found. They are made available in PDF or Shapefile formats.

It is possible to perform the drone takeoff within a 1 KM radius of the initial tower for each flight plan.

Inspections can be conducted at all voltage intervals above 69 kVA.

We use Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to create a world where technology does all the heavy lifting.

A new way to generate valuable information so that companies can save time, increase productivity, ensure team safety, and much more.

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