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Document Reading

Extract data from invoices, receipts, and much more with ease.

Precise extraction, avoiding human errors.

Greater speed, with optimization of your resources.

Make tasks simple and accessible to the entire team.

Document Comparison

Compare and verify data across different types of documents.

Define the information you want to validate.

Confirm the accuracy of the data by comparing different types of documents.

Identify discrepancies between documents.

Document Analysis

Identify specific documents within a large quantity of files.

Handle large volumes of documents more effectively.

Automatically identify expired and valid documents.

Locate specific documents quickly.

External Validation

Ensure the authenticity of documents by cross-referencing data with official sources.

Automatic consultation with official sources.

Comply with regulations and increase company safety.

Prevent inconveniences by ensuring the authenticity of documents.

Categorization and Organization

Identify specific documents in seconds.

Keep documents organized and categorized.

Save time with automated categorization.

Gain more precise control over your documents.

Integration with your ERP via API

Take advantage of the ease of integration with your existing ERP system through our API. Synchronize your data with IDEXA and make the most of all available features.

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IDEXA is a product of Pix Force, the #1 computer vision startup in Brazil, and a multi-award-winning company.

Pix Force develops solutions using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. We provide valuable information to our clients through the automatic acquisition and interpretation of images and videos.

"I love what Pix Force is doing, bringing pieces of technology together and making them useful in health, retail, security, efficiency, etc. We have a great solution here, and undoubtedly, huge market potential.
– Andrés Ortolá, CEO of Microsoft Portugal

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